Painting Technique Index

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Below is an index of various examples of painting techniques and effects as featured throughout my various painting series with links to the specific videos (or sections of videos) for your convenience.  This index was requested by a viewer because given the number of videos now on the channel it can be hard to recall or find a particular technique – say, how to create a cracked-earth effect for example.

None of these techniques are of course intended to be seen as “definitive” in any way as I’m on my own learning journey like everyone else, but simply examples of how I’ve chosen to execute a particular effect for a particular mini at a particular time.

The index is also very much a working document which I will be adding to/re-organising on an ongoing basis, and if you have any suggestions as to ideas presented in my videos that ought to be added to the list then do please let me know.  Enjoy!

Boba 2-1 for website


Camouflage Patterns:




Non-Metallic Metal:

Object Source Lighting (OSL):



Wet Blending:

Zenithal Priming: Orcs & Goblins, Frost Giant, Deadeye Walkers, Boba Fett

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