Coming Soon For May

Hello! It’s time for another look at what miniatures I’ll be working on in the coming weeks… Firstly I will be releasing the next Imperial Assault video – Verena Talos from the Return to Hoth expansion – followed by the awesome Elementals from Descent (the remaining heroes will follow in due course!). Next up in the Imperial Assault series will be the amazing Captain Terro on his Dewback, as well as Obi-Wan Kenobi – both of which you can see primed andRead more

Runewars Quick Painting Guide

Hello! As most of you know, I recently had the pleasure of creating tutorials for the two monstrous figures from FFG’s Runewars Miniatures Game – the Rune Golem and Carrion Lancer. By popular demand I have now produced a quick PDF guide for the remaining miniatures from the game (apart from the heroes Kari Wraithstalker and Ardus Ix’Erebus who I’ve yet to paint). As you’ll see, I used many of the same colours as those used for the Rune GolemRead more

Coming Soon For April

Hello! Another month has flown by and I’d once again like to share with you what I’ll be working on in the coming weeks… Firstly I will soon be completing the awesome Carrion Lancer from FFG’s Runewars Miniatures Game.  It’s been an exciting challenge coming up with original colour schemes for the Rune Golem (the guide to which you can see here) and Carrion Lancer, as well as their respective factions.  The fact that I’ve also found the game to beRead more

Coming Soon for March

Hello Dear Viewers! It’s time for a look at the miniatures I’ll be covering in the month of March… Firstly I’ll be releasing the guide for the sixth base-set hero from Descent: Journeys in the Dark –  Jain Fairwood, which I’ll be following with the next hero from Zombicide: Black Plague – Clovis (who I failed to cover last month).  This means I’m just three videos away from completing the Black Plague core box! Following that I will be producing two videos forRead more

Coming Soon for February

Hello dear viewers! It’s time to take a look at what I’ll be covering in the month ahead… Firstly I’ll be catching up with some of the figures I failed (for various reasons!) to complete in January which means the HK droids from Imperial Assault, Jain Fairwood from Descent, as well as a short sponsored video for absolute beginners showcasing the new “Build & Paint” kits by  Games Workshop. After that I will be tackling the stunning Rancor monster fromRead more

Coming Soon for January and Beyond

Hello Dear Painters! Another month (and year!) is at an end which means it’s time to take a look at what’s coming up in January and beyond… Coming out first will be the Deadeye Walkers expansion to Zombicide: Black Plague.  If you’re finding the base game a little easy(!?) the Deadeye Walkers with their ranged attacks are a wonderful way to mix things up a bit! Next will be Greedo from Imperial Assault, followed later in the month with the HK-seriesRead more

Sorastro’s Subtitles

Hello Dear Viewers! Alongside the release of the next Descent tutorial I would like to publicise the incredible efforts of Miikka Sohlman who has been working tirelessly to input accurate English closed captions into every one of my painting tutorials! This also makes it a lot easier for other viewers to add translated subtitles in other languages, which leads to my also thanking Jean Lecaillon for providing French subtitles in all of my recent videos. All of my videos are nowRead more