Coming Soon for September

Hello! Thanks to the incredible support of my patrons September marks the beginning of my producing painting tutorials on a full-time basis, and I wanted to share with you a rundown of some of the videos I will be producing in the coming weeks: First up we have the necromancer from Coolminiornot’s Zombicide: Black Plague (pictured above) which will be entering Patreon early access today and will be having a public release next Wednesday.  With the “evil” miniatures from the core boxRead more

Necromancer Highlight Reference

Hello! Here you will find some reference shots of the necromancer miniature – the latest to be featured in the ongoing Zombicide: Black Plague Painting Series.  Some of you may find such images helpful when deciding where to place your highlights. The video itself is entering Patreon early access today and will be on general release on Wednesday 7th September. Happy painting! Sorastro.  Read more