A Leap of Faith

Hello! I have a brief but exciting update: On Friday 15th April I handed in my resignation at my place of work.  This means that from September I will be able to dedicate myself fully to the production of the best painting tutorials I can. We’ve not yet hit the required milestone in Patreon but I’m confident we’ll be near enough by September for me to make this transition.  Also, notifying my workplace now causes the least disruption and gives themRead more

Abomination Painting Guide!

Hello! The second episode in the Zombicide: Black Plague painting series is now live and features the abomination. Taking the approach used for the regular zombies in Episode 1 as a starting point, this video then focuses on the basics of highlighting to bring about a more dramatic level of contrast which will prepare us well for tackling the necromancer and heroes! The reference shots referred to in the video can be found here and will hopefully be useful to anyone unsureRead more

Abomination Highlight Reference

Hello! Here you will find shots of the primed abomination as referenced in the new Zombicide: Black Plague painting tutorial (out now on Patreon early access and soon to be released for all). Taking shots like this can provide a useful point of reference when choosing how to highlight a miniature; we certainly don’t have to be a slave to the references however and experienced painters will happily get by on experience and intuition, but they do give us some useful ideas whenRead more

Coming Soon for April/May

Hello! With the extra time I’ve had off from my day job this month I’ve been able to make a good head start on production. I have already completed filming the next Zombicide: Black Plague tutorial and will be editing hard to complete the video within the next week. (You can probably tell from the teaser image above which miniature is being featured!) I’ve also completed some color tests for the next Imperial Assault tutorial which will feature C-3P0 and hopefully R2 asRead more