Abomination Highlight Reference


Here you will find shots of the primed abomination as referenced in the new Zombicide: Black Plague painting tutorial (out now on Patreon early access and soon to be released for all).

Taking shots like this can provide a useful point of reference when choosing how to highlight a miniature; we certainly don’t have to be a slave to the references however and experienced painters will happily get by on experience and intuition, but they do give us some useful ideas when getting started with highlighting.

Happy painting!

Hilight Reference (1 of 5)Hilight Reference (3 of 5)Hilight Reference (5 of 5)Hilight Reference (2 of 5)

2 responses to Abomination Highlight Reference

  1. ER says:

    Random question. Would zenithal highlighting (priming) have saved time on this step?
    Thanks (just trying to understand how all of this works)

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