Mak Eshka’rey Painting Guide


The latest episode of the long-running Star Wars Imperial Assault painting series is now complete, and it sure does feel good to have finally finished all of the base-set miniatures!

Each miniature has presented me with fresh challenges and Mak is no exception.  I knew it was important to get the pale, furry skin tone and the glowing eye piece right in order for Mak to stand out.

As usual I have also scored around ten minutes of new music for the episode – alongside tracks used previously.  In particular I wanted to re-use the main opening melodic theme as a lyrical piano passage in a five-minute long track of slowly-evolving ambient electronica which you can hear during the skin tone highlights and shade section.

The episode is currently available on Patreon (as patrons get one week early access) and will be available publicly on Saturday 2nd April.*  I hope you enjoy it!

Now I can finally sit down with my daughter and enjoy a fully-painted game of Star Wars Imperial Assault 🙂

Happy Painting!


*EDIT The video is now live for all:

3 responses to Mak Eshka’rey Painting Guide

  1. Gary says:

    Looking forward to watching it. I already painted mak before this episode but love watching the videos just see your techniques.

  2. Mike says:

    Thank you for the best painting tutorial series for Star Wars Imperial Assault. I would love to see how you paint everyone two favorite droids, C3PO and R2D2. Also the largest figure in the set. The Bantha Rider would be nice to see.

    • Sorastro says:

      Cheers Mike! You’ll be happy to know that the droids episode will be complete next week! It’s my patrons that will vote on what I paint after that but I’m sure the Bantha will be a popular choice.. 🙂

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