Leoric Of The Book


It’s been a while but I’ve finally finished the next episode of the Descent painting series in which we’re painting Leoric Of The Book:

Leoric is quite an intricate miniature but full of character and quite rewarding to paint.  I also enjoyed conjuring some unique music for Leoric, including the passage written for the highlighting of the robes which features a haunting piano solo opening, with a boy soprano singing the counter melodies.

With two of the base-set heroes now complete I’m very much looking forward to trying out Fantasy Flight Games’ new Descent app with my daughter that will allow us to play cooperatively against the app-driven AI.

For anyone following along and painting Leoric, here are the highlighting reference shots mentioned in the video:

Leoric (3 of 4)Leoric (4 of 4)Leoric (2 of 4)Leoric (1 of 4)

I hope you enjoy the tutorial 🙂

Happy Painting!




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