Runewars Quick Painting Guide


As most of you know, I recently had the pleasure of creating tutorials for the two monstrous figures from FFG’s Runewars Miniatures Game – the Rune Golem and Carrion Lancer.

By popular demand I have now produced a quick PDF guide for the remaining miniatures from the game (apart from the heroes Kari Wraithstalker and Ardus Ix’Erebus who I’ve yet to paint).

As you’ll see, I used many of the same colours as those used for the Rune Golem and the skeleton rider to achieve thematic unity, and in the interests of getting the figures painted quickly I kept the highlighting to a minimum.

Anyway,Ā I hope you find the guide useful, and have fun working on your own colour schemes for Runewars.

Happy painting!


CLICK HERE for Sorastro’s Runewars Quick Paint Guide

4 responses to Runewars Quick Painting Guide

  1. Joshua Delahunty says:

    As a clarification, when you mention VMC Orange Ochre (for the Reanimate archers), you’re referring to 70.824 Ger. Cam. Orange Ochre, yeah?

    • Sorastro says:

      Hi Joshua! Hmm yes that’s the one; for some reason I didn’t register the Ger. C. part! šŸ™‚

      • Joshua Delahunty says:

        Your work is fantastic. I hope my efforts register as supportive and helpful, in a small, detail-oriented way (to everyone).

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