Coming Soon for November!

Hello Dear Viewers!

October has been and gone, which means it’s time for another look at what I’m going to be working on over the coming weeks.

Firstly I’m excited to be continuing the Star Wars Legion painting series by painting both the Rebel Troopers as well as the awesome AT-RT!  This will complete the Rebel faction which means I will soon be starting work on the Imperials.

Also this month I will be completing the Zombicide Black Plague core box by painting the last of the heroes – Samson.  Although I’m sure I’ll be covering some of the expansion minis for Black Plague at some point, it sure will feel good to have the core box finished!

As usual there are far more games I want to paint than I have time for but rest assured  I haven’t forgotten about Blood Rage or Descent, and I’m also looking forward to receiving my 1.5 upgrade for Kingdom Death Monster…

Finally, as mentioned in my recent channel update video – I just wanted to repeat the news that due to popular demand I have released an album of music called “Starborn” which features 25 tracks written for the Star Wars Imperial Assault painting series.

CD Cover 1080P

I’m very grateful for the kind reception the album has had so far and it pleases me to imagine the music being enjoyed during your painting or gaming sessions!  The album can be streamed or purchased from all major digital platforms including those linked to below.

Thanks for following my humble updates, and happy painting!


“Starborn” album on Spotify

“Starborn” album on iTunes

“Starborn” album on Bandcamp

“Starborn” album on Googleplay

“Starborn” album on Amazon


25 responses to Coming Soon for November!

  1. Milan says:

    Very much looking forward to you doing KD:M, any idea when might see something?

    • Sorastro says:

      Thanks Milan! I had hoped to start this month but I thought it best to finish at least one game before starting anything new! With ZBP out of the way I hope to start pretty soon, so maybe December or January? 🙂

      • Milan says:

        Okay, just joined that Patreon thing of yours, now for a Jedi mind trick *wrigglesfingersandhand* Paint nothing but KD:M until wave 3 is fullfilled *inanominousvoice* See if that works 🙂

      • Sorastro says:

        *Must paint KDM must paint KDM* 😀

  2. Sebastian says:

    Samson – yes!! I’m working on Silas now and will definitively be excited to finish the core set with your incredible guidance! Thank you!

  3. Cristobal says:

    I am so hyped about your Kingdom Death videos! Hope to see them soon 🙂

    • Sorastro says:

      Thanks Cristobal! I’m also looking forward to rising to the challenge 🙂

  4. Robert says:

    Oh man, I was hoping for that blood rage sea monster! Although I do appreciate when you cover a game I don’t play now and again (so I can catch up!).

  5. Addum says:

    I am really enjoying the soundtrack. It hits the spot!! I have yet to play a game of IA along with it though. Perhaps tonight.

  6. Brandon Gilbert says:

    Kiiingdom deeeeath!!! I have the lion, antelope, butcher and kingsman as well as the starting survivors and unarmoured set built and primed waiting for you! No pressure tho… Ill just sit in this dark corner and cry… Alone… In the corner… Thats dark… Sniff

  7. Donald Harpst says:

    I and my wife are beginners at painting miniatures and ever since we started the core Imperial Assault we’ve been hooked on painting miniatures, your videos have been a joy to watch, we look forward to the star wars legion. We would like to ask will you be able to finish all the expansion from the Imperial Assault over time. You do such great work , Thanks

    • Sorastro says:

      Thank you Donald! I’m going to continue working on Imperial Assault more-or-less indefinitely I think 🙂

  8. E.Konroth says:

    Brilliant work! I’m looking forward to see more Imperial Assault painting from you!

    • Sorastro says:

      Thank you very much! I’m currently filming the next IA episode 🙂

  9. Dorian says:

    I was inspired to purchase Blood Rage and start painting again after a nearly 15 year hiatus thanks to your phenomenal videos. I can’t wait for you to continue that series (especially the BR clans!), but learn something new with every video no matter what the game is.

    • Sorastro says:

      Hi David! I’d love to paint the Gloomhaven minis some time this year; I’m just not sure exactly when 🙂

  10. Sneeuw says:

    Hi Sorastro,

    Any chance for blood rage to be finished (at least the monsters)? And can we see a new monthly update anytime soon?

    Thanks in advantage

    • Sorastro says:

      Hi Sneeuw! Yes I will definitely be finishing at least the last Blood Rage monster some time over the coming months. I’ve paused the monthly updates for the time being for a couple of reasons but I may revisit the idea in a different format perhaps.. 🙂

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