Spider-Man PDF Painting Guide

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Today I’d like to share a PDF painting guide for Spider-Man from Atomic Mass Games’ Marvel: Crisis Protocol, which you can grab right HERE.

Spidey Complete (14 of 15)

You’ll see that I’ve once again chosen the wonderful Scalecolor Reds for the outfit, although I’ve gone for a more orange-red tone compared to the more pinkish Iron Man.

Spidey Complete (2 of 15)

The webbing effect is only stuck on with super glue as I didn’t want to risk trying to drill into the hand, so is probably pretty fragile, but worth it for the cool factor alone I think!

I hope you enjoy the guide; there will be plenty more PDFs and videos for Marvel: Crisis Protocol from me in the coming months…

Happy painting!


4 responses to Spider-Man PDF Painting Guide

  1. Dorian Zoumplis says:

    Superb! Maybe a trite request considering your skills, but any chance you may consider doing a tutorial on the range sticks?

  2. That paint job is fantastic. Thanks for posting your guide -it’s really helpful. I tried to follow it (but using citadel colours) but really messed the miniature up when it came to adding the black lines for the webbing. I thought I had nice neat thin lines but they just made the miniature so dark. I tried lightening up the red with highlights but it didn’t really work. I really wish I knew how you avoided that. Also the face just didn’t look right. Stripped the paint off and decided to start again.

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