She-Hulk PDF Painting Guide

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Today I’d like to share a PDF Painting Guide for She-Hulk from Atomic Mass Games’ Marvel: Crisis Protocol:

This guide comes with a bit of a warning to let you know that I painted She-Hulk for fun in-between videos, and was improvising a fair bit with my colours (the greens especially), so it’s probably best approached as something of a “rough guide” only.

It was also the first time I’ve really given pigments a proper go (for the rust effects); I’ll most likely be featuring them in a future video because I really enjoyed working with them!

I hope you find some of the ideas in the guide useful.  Happy International Women’s Day!


Also, here’s an affiliate link to the Rosemary & Co Series 8 brush that I love to use. (I use the Size 2, “Short handle”).

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