Captain America PDF Painting Guide

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Today I’d like to share a PDF painting guide for Captain America from the Earth’s Mightiest Core Set for Marvel: Crisis Protocol!

Sometimes a miniature comes along that really speaks to me, and I felt there was just something very special about this sculpt.

The posing seems to suggest that whatever you throw at him, he’ll dig deep, and face it head on, and I kind of felt I wanted to create the impression of him stepping towards the light to amplify this idea:

So you’ll see I really tried to push the shadows and highlights to create quite a dramatic sense of light and volume, including shadow cast by the head across the top of the back, and the left shoulder:

It’s fair to say that this is probably one of my more advanced guides (and certainly my longest at 38 pages and well over 300 images!).  That being said, there is quite an “easy” early stopping point if you’re happy with a darker, more MCU-style look, which is clearly marked in the guide…

I hope the guide helps provide some useful ideas and/or inspiration for any of you who might be painting the Captain soon…

Happy Painting!


PS I’d like to thank my kind patrons on Patreon for funding these guides, and I’d also like to share an affiliate link to the Rosemary & Co Series 33 brushes that I love to use (sizes  0,1 or 2 – “Short handle”), and here’s an affiliate link to Element Games where I buy most of my other hobby supplies.  Thank you!

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