Coming Soon for December

Hello Dear Painters!

Another month has flown by which means it’s time for me to share what’s coming up on Sorastro’s Painting in the coming weeks..

The first public release this month will be the tragic and vengeful Widow Tarha from Descent: Journeys in the Dark 2nd Edition which leaves just three core-set heroes and a whole lot of monsters left to paint!

Next will be Loku Kanoloa from Star Wars Imperial Assault, to be followed later in the month by the Wampas.  The Hired Guns will also be making an appearance in early January, possibly with Greedo too.

It’s been a whole ten months since I last painted a zombie and I can feel the urge once again, so for Zombicide Black Plague I’ll be painting the Deadeye Walkers!

Finally, I will be tackling the incredible Pride Avatar from CoolMiniOrNot’s The Others. Please note that that due to the number of games I’m currently covering I plan to prioritise the remaining Blood Rage miniatures before painting any of the other The Others figures (tempting though they are!).

I wish you all much joy, peace and painting in this festive month!




7 responses to Coming Soon for December

  1. Adam says:

    A stunning mini. I will follow your tutorial to the letter when it arrives.

  2. Grant says:

    I have owned Imperial assualt for a year. I stumbled on your painting videos a couple weeks ago and decided to paint my first minis ever. I am hooked. I never would have attempted this without your helpful tutorials. I painted 20 minis in the last two weeks (a lot of storm troopers) and it was incredibly satisfying. My friends came over and we played our first game with the newly painted minis and they were so impressed they asked when I could finish the rest. I feel I improve with each mini I paint. Thank you so much for the videos, keep the IA ones coming! Thought you should know you inspired someone to be creative and pick up a new hobby.

    • Sorastro says:

      Thank you so much for the kind feedback Grant! I’m always very happy to hear I’ve helped someone access this wonderful hobby of ours; I’m sure you have many years of happy painting ahead 🙂

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