Sorastro’s Subtitles

Hello Dear Viewers!

Alongside the release of the next Descent tutorial I would like to publicise the incredible efforts of Miikka Sohlman who has been working tirelessly to input accurate English closed captions into every one of my painting tutorials!

This also makes it a lot easier for other viewers to add translated subtitles in other languages, which leads to my also thanking Jean Lecaillon for providing French subtitles in all of my recent videos.

All of my videos are now “community contribution enabled” which means anyone may have a go at submitting subtitles in any language and I would of course welcome as many contributions as possible to aid accessibility and help open the content up to a wider audience.

Miikka has even written a useful guide to help anyone who wishes to add subtitles in another language which can be found here:

Thank you!



4 responses to Sorastro’s Subtitles

  1. Kevin says:

    I just translated your first Zombicide video into German.
    Thanks a lot for your videos!

    Could you provide, like, pictures of your season one zombies to inspire me with colours for the clothes?

    Kind regards from Germany,

    Liked by 1 person

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