Coming Soon for September


After spending some time off with family I’m happy to be back in the studio working on some more painting goodness!

First up in September will be Episode 8 of the Descent painting guide in which I’ll be tackling the wonderful Ettins!  These were a whole lot of fun to paint and I hope you enjoy the guide which will be released publicly on Thursday 7th September.

Next I’ll be finishing off the Return to Hoth expansion for Imperial Assault by painting the MHD-19 medical droid.

I will also be painting the penultimate figure from the Zombicide Black Plague core box: Baldric; this will leave just Samson and I will have finally completed the set!

In addition to the videos I will also be preparing some PDF quick guides to be hosted initially as Patreon exclusives for some of the easier figures from games like Descent and Imperial Assault in an effort to help cover more miniatures.

Finally I’d like to mention the surprise video that I had the privilege of working on last month – the first episode of the Star Wars Legion painting series:

As a child I grew up playing Warhammer and 40K, and I also grew up with the original Star Wars trilogy.  So for us to finally have free-flowing skirmish game set in the Star Wars universe is a bit of a dream come true for me!  The game has also re-kindled my passion for scenery-making, and I’ll be sharing the progress I make with you over the coming months.

Regarding the series itself, I’m in the extremely lucky position of being able to have the entire core box covered before the game’s release which means there will be no more waiting round for episodes!

That’s all from me for now, except to wish you all Happy Painting!


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  1. Addum says:

    Brilliant!! Hey, you have to try Warhammer again. It’s pretty amazing. 8th Edition 40k ticks all the boxes and the models are truly amazing these days. I have been playing a fair bit and also playing Shadow War Armageddon. So good.

  2. Jason Ritz says:

    Any time frame for the last monster from Blood Rage? I am pretty confident that, thanks to your tutorials, I could pull it off on my own. But now I like seeing your videos for inspiration. And frankly, I am hoping you might go with a paler white with hints of sea green (see the card art) which is a technique that I can only assume is more involved than painting white armor of storm troopers.

    • Sorastro says:

      Hi Jason! I’ll definitely get to the Sea Serpent within the next couple of months. A agree – I’d like to produce something close to the pale green of Adrian Smith’s art 🙂

  3. Brian Douglas says:

    Are you planning on covering any more Runewars miniatures?

    • Sorastro says:

      Hi Brian! Not in the immediate future; I love the minis but just have too much else on at the moment 🙂

    • Sorastro says:

      Hi! I will certainly be sharing my progress – either as a Vlog-style video or as a more polished tutorial – I’m not sure (there are already so many great terrain-making tutorials out there)! 🙂

  4. MrVoltog says:

    Thanks for all you do with the videos. Are you going to have a full series on Legion? When can we expect more?

    • Sorastro says:

      Thanks MrVoltog! Yes I’m going to have the whole base game “tutorialised” before launch. The next video won’t be for a little while however. 🙂

  5. Wenceslaus says:

    Thank you for all your work on Descent! This is the first time I will watch your mastery and compare it with my already done Ettins 🙂 Great news on Legion, hopefully it will be a success. After many months I finally became a Patreon. Thank you for your dedication. Wence

  6. berd89 says:

    Are you planning to do BT-1 and 0-0-0 in the near future? I can understand if they are not the next project, as you are about to release another metallic droid. Do you have a tip for getting the dark undertone those droids have compared to MHD-19 and HK Assassin Droid?

    • Sorastro says:

      Hi berd89! I’m not sure when I’ll get to them (although I do have them primed and ready). I’d guess mixing black into some Leadbelcher might be a good place to start to get that dark metallic look..? 🙂

  7. Etienne BEUREUX says:

    Sounds like a busy month after the holidays ! With MHD-19 incoming, I’ll be starting the Hoth set myself, and I’m also looking forward to Baldric. Keep up the good work !

  8. Juan Kulas says:

    Thank you for all that you do.

    I can’t wait for the Blood Rage serpent! Your quality of work is an inspiration.

    • Sorastro says:

      Thanks Juan! I’m looking forward to painting the serpent 🙂

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