Gloomhaven Painting Guide: Brute


A little over a year ago I began work on a series of PDF painting guides for the Gloomhaven board game for my patrons over on Patreon.  Although I’m still working my way through the “unlockable” classes, I’ve chosen to begin releasing the earlier guides here for the wider community to enjoy!

To that end I’d like to share with you the first PDF guide which is for the Brute, and which you can download for free here.

My philosophy when approaching the Gloomhaven figures is to capture the flavor and colour palette of the character art in a simple a way as possible.  I will therefor often restrict the number of colours used, and sometimes apply a single-coloured shade or tint to an entire miniature, to try to give each character its distinct “aura”.

Finally – although it’s not mentioned in the guide, here’s a link to the bases I’m using, which I bought on ebay.


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  1. Thanks for this guide (and of course, after reading that one, I became a patreon). It was the enabler for me getting into miniature painting: I was afraid I would not know which colours to use, to paint wrongly – and all weird thoughts. Now three months later and many miniatures experience, I came back and followed again your Craigheart painting guide – and: your guide is so detailed, it is a piece of cake to repeat the (imho now better) result. so again: Thank you!

    • Sorastro says:

      Thanks so much Carsten! I’m really glad you’re finding the guides useful, and I truly appreciate the kind support. 🙂

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