Coming Soon – Summer 2019

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I’d like to share with you another brief update to let you know which figures I’m going to be working on over the next few months.

Firstly, although it’s been a while since my last Legion video, I’m super excited to shortly begin work on the awesome X-34 Landspeeder!  And there will be plenty more from me over the coming months – especially with the arrival of the Clone Wars figures…

Next, I’m immensely grateful for the overwhelmingly positive reception to my The Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle-earth painting series.  As I recently completed the last of the enemy figures (the mighty Hill Troll pictured below), I will shortly begin work on the hero figures – starting with Legolas.

Hill Troll-7

Through a combination of videos and possibly some PDF guides (which I’ll be sharing here on the website) I’m aiming to get through the six heroes fairly quickly in preparation for the arrival of the Villains of Eriador Figure Pack, so that I’m ready to paint up Gulgotar, Atarin, and Coalfang…

Finally, also on my schedule is the next episode of the Kingdom Death: Monster series which will cover the King’s Man (pictured below).  The figure is incredibly detailed and evocative, and will hopefully provide challenge and reward in equal measure.


Although it’s certainly my slowest-moving series, once the Kingsman is complete I will actually be more than half way through the monsters of the core set, leaving The Hand, Phoenix, and Watcher left to cover.

That’s all for this update.  Thank you as always for the kind comments and positive support; it really means a lot to me.

Happy Painting!


19 responses to Coming Soon – Summer 2019

    • Sorastro says:

      Hi Fanget! 51 episodes not enough for you!? 😉 I am painting more IA but will most likely cover most of the rest as PDFs (my IA videos attract the least views on YouTube these days). I’m actually painting the Grand Inquisitor at the moment. 😀

      • Aw, that’s a shame they aren’t getting the views! I just started on Imperial Assault and I’ve found your work to be an invaluable guide. The PDFs are great for the ones that don’t have videos, though. Thanks for all the help, Sorastro!

      • Sorastro says:

        Cheers Kevin! Oh I’ve got plenty more PDFs left in me.. 😀

    • Dominic Wilcock says:

      Can’t wait to see more from legion. Landspeeder will be awesome! Lots of good stuff coming out like the dewback and tauntaun riders and rebel veterans. Did you ever do a pdf for the Royal guards? Keep up the great work!

      • Sorastro says:

        Thanks a lot Dominic! No, I’ve not yet painted my Legion Royal Guards (or the Emperor!) 😀

  1. Christian Graser says:

    What a nice mix! It’s going to be a cool cool summer 😉

  2. Jan Stanovsky says:

    Hi, considering KDM, it was my hope that you think of the gold smoke knight as part of the core game.

    • Sorastro says:

      Jan Stanovsky Hi Jan! Ah yes – I’d forgotten that the Gold Smoke Knight came with the 1.5 update. I’ll certainly be painting him at some point (along with the numerous expansions too!) 😀

      • Christian Graser says:

        I can see myself happily painting KDM after my retirement in 30 years, wirh Sorastro still releasing one or two KDM expansion videos per year and KDM 3.0 announced 😅

  3. Tommy says:

    Any chance you might paint something from my favorite game Shadows of Brimstone? The early stuff was pretty bad in terms of model quality, but their latest core Forbidden Fortress is amazing!

    Thanks for all of your wonderful work. It has helped and inspired me so much!

    • Sorastro says:

      Hi Tommy! Although I do like SoB, I’m not sure I currently have room in my schedule to take it on. Sorry! 🙂

  4. Graf Zeppelin says:

    The last time I painted minaitures was in the early 90s. Now my boy got Imperial assault for last Christmas and those figures…they looked so nice but..but…well something was missing right ?
    You do strange things these days with paint.
    Thin it…(why didnt I think about that back then ?)
    Dont use it out of the pot…
    Needles to say your amazing videos (I was looking how people paint these) revitalized my old “muscles”
    Not to mention I learned ALOT.
    So thank you 🙂
    I can understand that you arent in the mood for IA anymore after 51 !!! videos. I wouldnt complain about more 🙂

    ps Nuln Oil…I wish I had this stuff back then….this stuff is just magical.

    So Greetings from Germany and thanks for all the inspiration and guidance.

  5. Mark says:

    Great work as always. Even though I don’t necessarily want to buy all the games and models you showcase your talents with. I still find the pdfs and videos a great source to learn new techniques. It will be interesting to see what you make of Contrast paints released by GW and whether you incorporate them into existing paint ranges and techniques for application to models in the future.

    • Sorastro says:

      Thanks a lot Mark! I’m mildly curious about the “Contrast” paints and will certainly give them a go, and if I find a use for them, will happily incorporate them into my work. 🙂

  6. Vince says:

    Hi Sorastro, I never took the time to thank you for all your videos, so i’m doing it here 🙂
    It’s amazing how much techniques i learned thanks to you and your approach of painting match mine : maximum efficiency with minimum of time spend.
    I’m painting my imperial assault figures, following you step by step and it’s awesome.
    If you consider trying contrast paints, i think it would be great using the “black templar” one on the death trooper. I tried it on them and it’s very interesting, i wonder how you would paint them with this.
    Thanks a lot, and cheers from France !

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