Baron Zemo PDF Painting Guide

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Today I have a PDF Painting Guide for Baron Zemo from Marvel: Crisis Protocol to share with you:

Baron Zemo-1

I once again found the Scalecolor paints really helped me achieve the colours and finish that I was after for him.  The vibrancy of the tones and the matte finish are perfect for outfits like this, although it’s worth noting that I still prefer a more regular, slightly satin finish for working on non-metallic metal, and for areas like the shiny black leather.

Baron Zemo-4

Having Baron Zemo painted up means that I’ve actually completed and provided tutorials for the entire Core Set!

Baron Zemo-2

When I started the series I new I wanted to take the opportunity to push myself as a painter, and fully explore all those vibrant tones, varied textures, and lighting effects, and I hope you’ve enjoyed following me on this journey!

Baron Zemo-5

Coming up soon I’ll be tackling the Green Goblin, Hella, Rocket, and M.O.D.O.K…

Happy Painting!


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