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Today I’d like to share a PDF Painting Guide for Cable from Atomic Mass Games’ Marvel: Crisis Protocol:

I absolutely love this sculpt!  You’ll see that I chose to magnetise the telekinetic shield because I think Cable looks pretty cool both with and without it, and it’s also quite fun to be able to pop the shield on the base when he actually activates the ability in game:

I was also really drawn to his amazing cloak, so chose to add a simple but effective burnt effect:

I decided to use the airbrush to speed up the painting process a bit (for the telekinetic shield, as well as the cloak); you could certainly achieve a similar look with a brush – it would just take a bit longer of course, and I was keen to get Cable to the table now that our gaming sessions have resumed post lockdown.

I hope you find some of the ideas in the guide useful, and I’d like to wish all the dads out there a very happy Father’s Day!


If you’d like to support my work you can do so over on Patreon, and/or here’s an affiliate link to the Rosemary & Co Series 8 brush that I love to use. (I use the Size 2, “Short handle”).  Every little helps.  Thank you!

4 responses to Cable PDF Painting Guide

  1. Christian Graser says:

    One of my favorite MCP minis you painted. I love everything on that one 🙂

  2. Dorian says:

    How do you continue to raise your own bar?! Wow, outstanding. I’ve just magnetized my own energy shield; such a cool idea. Every Patreon dollar is the best investment I could make. Please keep up these phenomenal MCP guides. Leave no hero unturned!

    • Sorastro says:

      Thanks so much Dorian! I’ll keep doing my best.. 😁

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