Scarlet Witch PDF Painting Guide

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Today I’d like to share a PDF Painting Guide for Scarlet Witch from Atomic Mass Games’ Marvel: Crisis Protocol:

I must apologize because I painted the spell effect a few weeks back (with the airbrush) then accidentally formatted the memory card in my camera before transferring the files over to the computer, so I’m unable to show the actual spell painting in pictures.

It was quite simple however; as you’ll see in the guide I used a combination of Vallejo’s Fluorescent Magenta (a favourite of mine!) and Scalecolor’s Brilli White which is from their “FX Fluor Experience” set, and has a soft, semi-metallic sheen which helped create the look I was after.  Alternatively I think a thin application of any light silver would also work well.

I feel this is yet another stunning and dynamic sculpt, and I really enjoyed bringing Scarlet Witch to life!

I hope you find the guide useful, and have a great weekend!


PS I’d like to thank my kind patrons on Patreon for funding these guides, and I’d also like to share an affiliate link to the Rosemary & Co Series 8 brush that I love to use. (I use the Size 2, “Short handle”).  Thank you!

3 responses to Scarlet Witch PDF Painting Guide

  1. Shelby D Tucker says:

    Sooo nice ! but can you make it with a heroclix base ?

  2. cpdickenson says:

    Absolutely stunning. Want to get this miniature now just to try to paint it like you have (though I know I’ll fall short)

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