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I’d like to share the news that the Nova Open Charitable Foundation annual raffle is now live, featuring the work of many amazing miniature-painting artists from around the world, and including my own humble contribution – the wonderful Mountain Giant from CMON’s Blood Rage:

The Mountain Giant is one of those figures that I’ve had primed and sitting in my figure cabinet for a few years now, and this just felt like the right time for me to paint him.

I imagine the giant standing in the cold light of dawn on a frosty, windswept mountainside, and I built him a small fire to provide some light and warmth to hold back the darkness and see him through the night:

Naturally I stuck to using colder tones for the general overhead lighting, so you’ll see plenty of purples, lilac tones, and some pale turquoise to try to capture the cold dawn light; this then provides an obvious counterpoint to the warm orange glow of the fire, although I wanted the object source lighting to be quite natural and restrained.

The charity I’ve chosen to support with this donation is Breast Cancer Research as cancer is something that touches so many of our lives.  My own younger sister Rachel has been battling the cancer for several years now, and something about this piece seemed to capture a sense of poise, determination, and hope in the face of adversity that just resonated with me.

I painted this fairly quickly over about three days, and was less concerned with creating an especially high level of technical “finish” as I was with capturing a certain ambience and emotion.

I do hope you enjoy the piece, and that you’ll kindly consider heading over the the NOCF website and seeing some of the work on display, and helping out if you can.

Thank you!



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