Din Djarin Painting Guide – PDF + Video

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Hello dear viewers!

Today I have a PDF Painting Guide for Din Djarin from Atomic Mass Games’ Star Wars: Legion to share with you:

I wasn’t actually scheduled to produce a video for Mando – and he is mostly quite straight forward to paint, but for the None-Metallic-Metal treatment of the Beskar armour I felt that a video might help some people overcome the fear or challenge of creating this kind of effect, so I’ve made a video covering just the armour if you’re interested:

This is a NMM look that I began playing around with back when I painted Ultron, and it’s one of those effects that – like making pancakes – where the first attempt may not be that great, but has to be done in order for us to learn and improve for the next time.

For the Beskar armour I was a lot more cautious with the saturation of the blues, and more controlled with my levels (brightness); you’ll notice in the video that the initial base tone I used for the sky reflections wasn’t too bright, which gives those glinting highlights a chance to really sing!

It’s also one of those effects where we can actually get away with being a little sketchy in places; it’s all about achieving a pleasing balance of tones and levels rather than total accuracy and neatness.

I hope you enjoy the guide, and have a great 2023!

Happy Painting!


PS I’d like to thank my kind patrons on Patreon for funding these guides, and I’d also like to share an affiliate link to the Rosemary & Co Series 8 and Series 33 brushes that I love to use (sizes 1 or 2 – “Short handle”), and here’s an affiliate link to Element Games where I buy most of my other hobby supplies.  Thank you!

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  1. Marc says:

    Thank you! Can’t wait to give this one a shot. Your tutorial on Sabine’s model (for Legion) was spectacular, and I suspect that this one will be just as good!

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