Arnim Zola PDF Painting Guide

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Today I have a PDF Painting Guide for Arnim Zola from Atomic Mass Gmes’ Marvel: Crisis Protocol to share with you:

For Zola I decided to use some relatively quick techniques as I felt he could get away with looking a bit scrappy, and I didn’t want him to look too clean and bright anyway.

One of my main goals with the figure was to ensure that the two large areas of yellow came out looking like clearly different materials:

I must apologize because I accidently cleared my camera’s memory card to work on a separate project in-between painting the face and the rest of the model, so ended up losing the pictures I took of the process.  That being said, the face was actually very quick and easy to do, and the guide should still give you all the information you need to capture the look.

Overall this is an incredibly unique figure and quite a blast to paint!  I hope you find some of the ideas in the guide useful.


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  1. Suprunaman says:

    Great tutorial, thanks for sharing :). Finally bought two brushes with your affiliate link, can’t wait to test them!

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