Cassian Andor PDF Painting Guide

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Hello dear viewers!

Today I have a PDF Painting Guide for Cassian Andor to share with you, from Atomic Mass Games’ Star Wars: Legion:

For Andor I obviously wanted to capture the fairly muted and weathered look from Rogue One, so allowed myself a degree of sketchiness with the clothing etc:

I spent quite a while on the face – notably trying to capture the look of the slightly patchy stubble/beard:

I’ll leave you with a scenic shot of Andor on the table…

I hope some of you find the guide useful!

Happy Painting!


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2 responses to Cassian Andor PDF Painting Guide

  1. Mark says:

    Argh, you’re such a jerk… Cassian is sold out absolutely *everywhere* in Ontario!

    Thank you for the tutorial, though! Maybe AMG will make more stock available now that they know how great he can look!

    Are you planning on a Din/Grogu? I’m really curious if you’ll do NMM or True Metal for his armour… my bet is on NMM, but that’s gotta be tricky to make look appropriate Beskar-silver.

    • Sorastro says:

      Ha ha, sorry about that 😄 Yep, I’ve painted Mando, and I’m currently working on Grogu(s). I’m producing PDFs for them both, and a video covering the NMM Beskar armour.. 🙂

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