K-2SO PDF Painting Guide

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Today I’d like to share a PDF Painting Guide for K-2SO from Star Wars: Legion by Atomic Mass Games!

You’ll see that for the black armour plating I used one of the Scalecolor Artist paints – “Green Grey” which is a really lovely colour!  It looks like black out of the tube, but when you add white you get a nice range of blue-grey tones in the highlights.

That being said, you could simply mix black with Prussian Blue, and get a very similar look.

I think I really need to add Jyn Erso to complete this little party…

I hope you enjoy the guide, and have a great weekend!


PS I’d like to thank my kind patrons on Patreon for funding these guides, and I’d also like to share an affiliate link to the Rosemary & Co Series 8 and Series 33 brushes that I love to use (sizes 1 or 2 – “Short handle”), and here’s an affiliate link to Element Games where I buy most of my other hobby supplies.  Thank you!

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