AAT Battle Tank PDF Painting Guide


Today I’d like to share a PDF Painting Guide for the AAT Trade Federation Battle Tank from Star Wars: Legion:

I originally intended to cover the AAT as a video but plans changed, so I thought the least I could do is put together a PDF guide for it instead.  Please note that I also bought a second AAT which I’m planning to paint in the Clone Wars CIS colours at a later date…

Unusually for me I decided to lay down the main yellowish colour and shadows with the airbrush.  This is something I don’t normally do because I know that not everyone has one, but if ever there was a model that calls for an airbrush, this is certainly it!

I’m not always a huge fan of the super clean, almost clinical look that an airbrush tends to produce, but on this occasion it was just a nice easy way to get some subtle gradations on those curved volumes.

I do hope you enjoy the guide!  Watch out for the next video in the series which covers non other than Anakin Skywalker…

Happy Painting!


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