Green Goblin PDF Painting Guide

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Today I’d like to share a PDF Painting Guide for Green Goblin from Marvel: Crisis Protocol:

Each time I think I’ve just painted my favourite miniature from the game, something else comes along that just blows me away, and Green Goblin did just that;  there’s just so much to love about this sculpt!

After my last stab at painting a fiery rocket blast for Star-Lord, I wanted to take things a bit further here to create the impression of fiery heat coming from within the plumes of smoke;  It turned out to be pretty easy and fun to do!

In game he also looks like a pretty wild character to play with, and since I’ve already got Venon and Doctor Octopus from the Spider-foes affiliation painted up, I’m not going to hesitate to get him to the table to wreak some havoc!

I very much hope you enjoy the guide, and stay safe wherever you are.

Happy Painting!


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