Colossus PDF Painting Guide

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Today I have a PDF Painting Guide for Colossus from Atomic Mass Games’ Marvel: Crisis Protocol to share with you:

For Colossus I wanted to take the opportunity to further explore the Scalecolor Artists range of paints.  I love getting to know alternative paint ranges partly because it forces me not to rely on past “recipes”, but to re-evaluate what I’m doing.  In particular I wanted to improve my “yellow game”, and these paints did not disappoint!

One of the things I should mention about the sculpt is that without modification I found that the Sentinel’s arm somewhat overhangs Colossus’ face, so I simply cut the little peg from the hand before gluing so I could then freely rotate it slightly so that the Sentinel’s arm is a little less obtrusive:

I must say I really had a blast working on this model!  Things like the Sentinel scraps are terrific fun because you can just cut loose and play around.  Then there’s all that juicy NMM of course…

The two main things I wanted to achieve with the NMM was firstly to ensure that as well as articulating each little “segment”, I varied the intensity of the levels across the main volumes – so I reserved my brightest highlights for certain key areas (rather than pushing every single highlight to the max).  And secondly, I wanted to ensure that there was some nuance of colour, so besides the obvious lean towards blue, there are also little touches of reds/purples etc.

The actual “blending” as such is pretty rough, which I don’t think hurts the overall effect when viewing a mini of this scale.  I think if I was painting 75mm scale or a bust for example, I’d want to take a bit more care with the transitions, but for this I was happy to use as few as 3-4 tones to achieve each little gradient.

I hope some of you find the guide useful!


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